State of Maine

Monument to Samantha Smith

On the territory of the state of Mn is the only monument in the world to Samantha Smith. Once this girl was a real celebrity in the Soviet Union. Little Samantha heard on TV about the Cold War between Russia and the United States and wrote to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Andropov that the American people do not want war. Andropov was moved to the depths of his soul and invited the girl to Russia, and she became a real ambassador of goodwill.

Unfortunately, soon after the fateful visit to Russia, the girl’s life was tragically cut short: she died in a plane crash. Once upon a time, all the girls in the USSR wanted to be like Samantha Smith, and her portraits and touching stories about her were printed in every English textbook. Perhaps acquaintance with this monument will help someone remember their Soviet childhood.


Maine is one of the main educational centers of the United States. Here is the University of Maine, where young people master a variety of specialties. The educational institution conducts scientific research in the field of natural sciences and humanities.

The University of Maine Library is considered one of the largest libraries in America. Books of all genres are presented, including rare and old ones. And the local university is also famous for the fact that it was here that the famous American writer Stephen King, the master of the psychological thriller, received his higher education.

Features of national cuisine

The fishing industry and agriculture play a huge role in the life of Maine. That is why the national cuisine is traditionally famous for seafood and vegetable dishes. In terms of vegetables, potatoes play a major role, as there are many extensive potato plantations throughout the state.

Maine potatoes are famous for their extraordinary taste and are imported to all parts of America. And local fishermen deliver lobsters and lobsters to cafes and restaurants every day. The hallmark of the state is the hot lobster roll. Fast food outlets try seafood burgers. They are somewhat reminiscent of the classic options, only they differ in a more delicate taste.

What to bring as a gift to family and friends

There are a large number of high-end boutiques, large shopping centers and small, cozy souvenir shops in Maine. Souvenirs with state symbols are brought as a gift to relatives and friends: T-shirts, mugs, magnets and stationery.