Holidays in Maine

The state of Maine is located in the most northeastern part of the United States, its capital is the city of Augusta, and Portland is considered the largest and most populous city. This state has its own nickname – Pine. The cost of rest in Portland, the main city of the state, will cost an average of 45 – 67 thousand rubles per person. In general, prices here are not the highest in the US, and there are a lot of attractions.

If you plan your vacation in Maine, then you must definitely visit its capital. This is a very green and beautiful city, which has a large number of memorable places. For example, the Capitol building, which is visited on weekdays, admission is free.

Augusta is home to the large Maine State Museum with rich exhibits on archeology, nature, and industry developed in the state. The museum is open on weekdays, the entrance is paid, about two dollars per adult and one dollar per child. In Maine, there is a wooden fort Old West Fort, which was built by the first colonists.

When visiting Portland, you should pay attention to its creative workshops, the Old Port, as well as the Portland Museum of Art.

When spending your holidays in Maine in 2022, be sure to study the prices in advance and make an interesting route to all the attractions.

Maine is well known among tourists for its unique nature and good climate.

Maine beaches

From the east, Maine is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, so vacationers have a great opportunity to visit magnificent beaches. For example, Sand Beach has amazing nature and white sand. The purest turquoise water, small rocks, pine trees – all this creates excellent conditions for a family holiday. Many tourists choose this place for practicing various sports. On the beach there are changing rooms, equipment rental, you can go surfing.

Acadia National Park
It is located next to Mount Cadillac and covers an area equal to 200 square kilometers. It was opened to the public about a hundred years ago. On its territory there are a large number of islands, Mount Cadillac 500 meters high, Eagle Lake, very popular with tourists.

On the territory of the park you can meet numerous wild animals, as well as observe the life of marine life. Due to the climate, the park is closed to visitors during the cold season. However, even for the period from July to September, the number of visitors is estimated at millions of tourists.

Desert Maine

This so-called pseudo-desert appeared as a result of improper human agricultural activities. Its total area is 16 hectares, and it is located next to the city of Freeport in a pine forest, no matter how surprising it sounds. It has now become a popular tourist destination. There is a sand and farm museum and many souvenir shops. The cost of visiting is approximately twelve dollars for an adult and six for a child.

Sugarloaf Ski Area

Thanks to the diverse natural landscapes in Maine, vacationing on the ocean coast and skiing in the mountains. This ski resort is very popular, there is a chance to ski, sled, skate, sit in cozy restaurants and enjoy the local nature. You can improve your skiing skills, the average course costs about $ 700.

Weather and climate in Maine

The informal name for Maine is the Pine State. Indeed, the state has a large number of coniferous forests, and the climate is quite severe. The average summer temperature does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius, and winters are usually snowy and cold. Therefore, for those who want to bask in the sun, it is best to come to the state in the height of summer.