In winter, holidays here will seem a little boring, especially for those who are used to the beaches and do not go in for winter sports. However, most tourists go on vacation to Maine, because this state has a huge plus. On its territory is the Appalachian mountain range, and the mountains reliably protect the earth from destructive tornadoes, typhoons and hurricanes. These natural phenomena in Maine are a huge rarity. If small hurricanes do occur, they are not destructive and do not affect the quality of tourists’ recreation.

How to get there

Get to Maine by plane. Flights to the USA fly daily from the main international airports in Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, they keep in mind that there is no direct communication between Russia and Maine. Therefore, you should take a direct flight to any major US city, and then transfer to another flight or use ground transportation.

There is an international airport on the territory of the state, but there is no direct connection with Russia. Maine also has a major international port linking Maine with Canada. Therefore, it is possible to get to Canada, and then make a trip by water, by ferry.

Art Workshops in Maine

Lovers of art and a quiet secluded vacation visit Monegan Island. Officially, this island belongs to the state of Maine, but life there is completely different. This is a secluded corner with virgin nature, where more than a hundred years ago the local bohemia created its community.

Painters, graphic artists, sculptors, masters of arts and crafts live here permanently (or temporarily) and create their masterpieces. Through the joint efforts of local artists, the Association for the Conservation of Nature and Cultural Identity of Monegan Island was created. The activists of this Association organize thematic exhibitions and cultural and entertainment events, introduce tourists to the best examples of their art and arrange interesting meetings with admirers of their talent.

Main Attractions

Maine: Portland Museum of Art
Lovers of beauty should definitely visit the Portland Museum of Art. The two-storey building in which the museum is located is an interesting architectural monument. The permanent exhibition features works by American and European artists from the 17th and 18th centuries to the present day. There are also temporary traveling exhibitions.

A lot of schoolchildren come to the museum, especially during the holidays. They order group and individual excursion services, as well as use an audio guide in English or other European languages. There are souvenir shops on the territory of the museum, where they buy miniature copies of the works of art presented in the exhibition, as well as souvenirs with state symbols. In addition, there are several cafes and free Wi-Fi internet access.

Grand Museum of Maine

In addition to the art museum, the state has a historical museum, or the so-called Great Museum of Maine. Lovers of antiquity will certainly like it here. The exposition of the museum tells about the life and life of the inhabitants of the state of Maine, from time immemorial (when the indigenous people of America lived in the state) to the present day.

The exposition presents unique artifacts obtained during archaeological excavations: fragments of dishes, clothes, jewelry, reconstructions of ancient burials. It is also good to get acquainted with the detailed plans of the most ancient settlements. There are unique reconstructions of everyday scenes from the life of the indigenous population of Maine.

Maritime museums

The sea plays a huge role in the life of Maine. Not surprisingly, it houses the Grand Maritime Museum as well as the Lighthouse Museum. The Grand Maritime Museum displays models of ships made in the Maine shipyards, as well as authentic wooden buildings from the nineteenth century. But the pride of the exposition is a model of the Wyoming schooner with six masts, made in full size.

The museum book a group tour to the local shipyard. Rockland is home to a unique lighthouse museum. The exposition presents exhibits of the most famous lighthouses in the United States. The guide tells visitors about how the lighthouse works and what it is for, and also helps to understand the intricacies of the lighthouse.