Cities in Maine

Short story

The first European explorer of these lands was the Frenchman Samuel de Champlain, who arrived here with an expedition in 1604. Then, in 1607, colonists from Europe began to settle in the territory of the future state of Maine. This process was controlled by the Plymouth Company, established by the English king James I to colonize the coast of North America.
According to one version, the name of the territory was given by French settlers, in honor of the province of Maine in their homeland. In 1622, the region received the status of a province, but for a long time did not have independence, being part of the state of Massachusetts – until 1820.

In the first half of the 19th century, Maine prospered – timber was harvested and processed here, pulp and paper, leather and textile factories, and shipyards were built. In 1853, the first railway was built, connecting all the largest factories with ports. At the same time, a lot of immigrants from Ireland and Canadians of French origin arrived here, so Catholicism strongly influenced politics and the formation of public opinion in the state.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a slight recession in the economy – this was influenced by strong competition with the southern states of the United States, which opened many weaving factories. But with the outbreak of World War II, Maine began mass building ships for the US Navy, which improved the situation.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the state significantly reduced the volume of all industries, including logging, and began to pay more and more attention to tourism. Now more and more tourists are coming to the cities of the region, attracted by the picturesque and vibrant nature of Maine.

Things to Do as a Tourist in Maine

Experience a real desert. This unusual and very popular place among tourists is located in the middle of a pine forest, near the city of Freeport.
Find the water tower – the abode of ancient Evil from Stephen King’s novel “It”. The building is located in Bangor and is described in great detail by the author.
Visit one of the farms in Maine. Here you can admire the amazing landscapes and get acquainted with the life of the American Northwest.
Visit the Monghigan Islands. They are known for the fact that here, since the end of the 19th century, there has been a community of artists, and in the summer of 1922 the Roerich family rested.
Climb the highest peak of the state – Katahdin, in the Baxter Woods reserve. There are no roads here, only hiking trails.
Explore Portland Head Lighthouse. It is considered the oldest in the state – it was built in 1787 by order of George Washington.
Go on a sea excursion. From the yacht you can admire the coast, watch whales, go fishing or learn how to catch lobsters.
Landmarks in Maine
Maine is deservedly considered one of the most interesting regions of the United States. In its cities, many buildings of the first colonists have been preserved, there are many interesting museums and art galleries. And the stunningly beautiful national parks of the state will definitely appeal to everyone who likes to relax in nature.\

Best time to travel to Maine

The climate of the region is characterized as humid temperate. In summer, the average temperature does not exceed +27°C, and in winter it is quite cold and snowy. Thanks to the spurs of the Appalachians, there are practically no hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes in Maine. It is best to come here in the summer – this is an ideal time to travel around the cities of the state, trips to nature reserves and relaxing on the ocean coast.
The port city of Rockland, on the coast of the state, is a cult place where gourmets from all over the world meet annually. At the end of July, the Maine Lobster Festival is held here, which lasts for 5 days. A fair town is opening in Harbor Park, where you can try many delicious dishes from lobster and other seafood. The program of the holiday also includes a fun lobster-catching competition and a solemn parade in the center of Rockland.

The city of Portland can safely be called the beer capital of Maine – there are more than 50 large breweries and an incalculable number of homebreweries. It’s no surprise that one of Portland’s biggest celebrations is the Spring Beer and Wine Festival. The festival, which lasts two days, is attended not only by local producers, but also by companies from all over the world. Here you can taste more than 200 varieties of beer, in addition, the program necessarily includes wine tasting. The start date of the event is “floating”, but most often it falls on a weekend in mid-late March.