Maine travel guide


Maine is one of the most vibrant “natural” states in the United States, because most of it is occupied by dense forests, rivers and lakes, not to mention the enchanting beaches of the Atlantic coast. In addition, it is known as a true foodie paradise, being the largest lobster and blueberry harvesting center in the United States. It can often be very difficult to decide how to spend the next day – to go closer to the beaches and restaurants with mouth-watering seafood dishes, to take a trip to one of the hospitable cities, or to continue exploring the state’s luxurious forest reserves.


Maine is located in the northeastern part of the United States, near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, washing its shores from the east and south. The state borders Canada to the northeast and northwest, and New Hampshire to the west. Maine has many lakes and over 5,000 rivers. In addition to river and lake basins, the state’s main natural resource is forests, which cover about 74% of its territory.

Maine towns and resorts

Augusta is the state capital, located in the southeastern United States, on the Kennebec River. This is a very green and beautiful city, which has a lot of interesting things for tourists. The main building of Augusta is the Capitol, traditional for any American state capital. You can get inside the building on any weekday – admission is free. The most interesting historical monuments are the oldest wooden Fort Western in the United States, built by the first colonists, and the Blaine House, built in 1833. Now the building houses the residence of the state governor. You can get acquainted with the history of the region in the huge Museum of the State of Maine – in its halls there are many curious expositions related to archeology, nature and the achievements of the state in the field of industry. In Augusta, there is the only monument in the world to Samantha Smith, an American schoolgirl who came to the USSR at the personal invitation of the head of state, Yuri Andropov.
Portland is the state’s largest city and is recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States. Despite the consequences of a terrible fire that happened here in 1866, many interesting historical monuments have been preserved in Portland. First of all, this is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Victoria Mansion, the granite building of the old customs house and the house-museum of Henry Longfellow, the famous American poet and translator. Portland’s cultural heritage can be explored in the Art District, which is literally packed with museums, art galleries, and theaters. The old Lincoln Park, Park Street with its historical buildings and the beautiful Baxter Boulevard, which wraps around the Back Cove, are perfect for walking. Children will love the picturesque pond and playgrounds at Deering Oaks Park, while the region’s natural wonders can be admired in the pristine forests of Baxter Woods.

Bangor is the third largest city in the state and one of the region’s most important cultural and commercial centers. It is known for being the birthplace of the master of horror – the great and unique Stephen King, who used his city as a prototype for Derry from the famous novel “It”. Fans of the writer’s work can see the author’s mansion, where he periodically lives – the house is located at 47 West Broadway. Almost all the most interesting places in Bangor are concentrated in the center. These are the Museum of Art of the University of Maine, the Discovery Children’s Museum, the home of the artist Thomas Hill, the courthouse, the opera house, the city hall, the Unitarian-Universalist church and the old Charles Inn hotel – a good collection of paintings is located in its lobby. A war memorial has been erected in Davenport Park – a monument to the famous cruiser Maine, whose mysterious death marked the beginning of the Spanish-American War in 1898. You can admire the magnificent nature of the state not far from Bangor – in the Acadia National Park, which includes a number of islands on the Atlantic coast.

Bar Harbor is one of the most popular resorts in Maine, located on the coast. Until 1947, celebrities and millionaires loved to relax here, but then the city was badly damaged by a forest fire – the fire destroyed the nearby forest, many residential buildings, hotels and luxurious mansions. Now the infrastructure of Bar Harbor has been completely restored and it is again surrounded by a luxurious coniferous forest. The main natural attraction of the resort is an island located not far from the coast. At low tide, you can get here on foot along a short sandy spit and climb a small hill covered with forest – from here you have a beautiful view of Bar Harbor and the mountains surrounding it. There are few ancient buildings in the city, but during a walk through the center you will come across many reminders of its former luxury – almost all the houses that survived the fire are now hotels.

Ogunquit is a small resort town on the Atlantic coast. Here you will not find high-rise buildings, giant shopping malls and historical monuments, only small wooden houses with green lawns and very picturesque sandy beaches. People come here exclusively in the summer, for the sake of a relaxing beach holiday, surfing and boat trips.